The Work



Would you build your dream mansion on a sand lot? Once your mission, vision, and visual identity is solid, everything else gets easier. Starting with your brand saves you time/money/effort/telomeres in the long run.

business strategy

Not all fairies love spreadsheets. I do. We’ll crunch your numbers into a fine, sparkling glitter. ✨This might seem like the hard part, but it’s not; it’s merely the goal and budget setting part. Thanks, MBA!


Building a digital business requires mad organizational skills (I gotchu), click-worthy creativity (I gotchu), and valuable knowledge (you!). The trick is figuring out a way to get that knowledge out of you. I’ve built shiny tools that will help you pull your own teeth if necessary.


Eww. Social media. The necessary evil (or who knows, maybe evil’s your thang?). I’ll show you the ropes and introduce you to the tools that’ll let you fly this kite with as little effort as possible.


Your business is going to need design to some degree. Some possibilities: landing pages, a website, logos, business cards, email banners, iconography, illustration, photo editing, ebooks, merchandise mockups.


You’re also going to need copywriting and editing to some degree. Some possibilities: landing pages, web copy, emails, drip campaigns, ebooks, blog posts, ads, social media profiles, bios, invitations, games.


If you’re not into managing your content strategy, social media strategy, or website (I teach you how to do this, but some people don’t like this sort of work), you can hire me on retainer!


I know this stuff, which also means I know what I don’t know. Once your biz is off the ground and you’ve got your longterm strategy locked down, you may need other fairies, like a PR fairy or a fancy developer fairy or a dog walking fairy—who knows. But guess who knows a lot of fairies? THIS FAIRY.