The Visionfairy Promise


No bullshit.

I’ve learned more than copywriting, design, marketing, and strategy skills over the course of my career. Working with small business owners, private practitioners, solopreneurs, nonprofits, agencies, and corporations has taught me a lot about myself, including my strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and neuroses. Something has finally become clear to me:

Building a business, even if it’s not brick and mortar, is really hard work, and we’re not going to be happy with the results if we’re not all in. Anything less sets the odds against you, and I’m not interested in watching you or any of my clients fail.

I promise to be 100% transparent 100% of the way so that you can feel 100% in. For that reason, I’ve rooted my practice in nonviolent communication, mindfulness, and vulnerability/bravery. If you ever have a question about the work, my process, or my opinion, I promise you’ll hear my truth.

Related to the unrelenting imposter syndrome that led me to pursue my MBA, I have at times struggled with pricing and structuring my services. At first, I created a system designed to eject me from your business equation: you told me what you thought you needed, I delivered the things you thought you needed, and then we parted ways without you getting the things I knew you needed. I quoted the minimum necessary—low enough to be (in my mind) unthreatening. This did no one any favors: I didn’t sustain my business or my ability to serve you, and you got the minimum, which meant that you walked away on shaky legs like a baby antelope birthed on a sun-bleached savanna.


So I’m trying something new. I’m going to illuminate the big picture and have a conversation with you about what it’s worth. And if we can’t figure out something that works for both of us, then I refer you to someone else who might be able meet your needs—no problemo.

This work requires building a relationship. I can’t make you walk the path, but I will show you the path. If you ask me, there’s no path more exciting, fulfilling, or worthwhile than this one. It’s your contribution to the world, your wildest dream, your thought baby, your blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul. It’s my privilege and honor to get the chance to help you make it all real. This is what I’m good at, and I hope to pass the torch.

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