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Monica Guzmán, writer + artist

I started freelancing in 2013. First copywriting, then design, then marketing, then branding, content, and business strategy. I wasn’t aiming to master a hodgepodge of skills; I just loved learning, and my clients kept asking questions that I knew I could answer with some research.

“Real jobs” felt stifling to me because I knew I had more to offer. I wanted my hands in everything, and running my own business, despite the unpredictability, felt closer to freedom than having money. But then I moved to California and felt it necessary to get a “real job.” In two months, I made over $3 million for a company that didn’t pay women fairly, exploited its workers, and silenced employees using fear tactics.

Soon after, I applied for a scholarship to attend a retreat at the recommendation of a friend. That retreat revived me, and I remembered that I’m very good at these things I do, which I could align with my mission. My mission is threefold:

  1. To find a way to leverage my visual art and writing talents because I believe that art + writing can expand people’s understanding of our shared reality, increase our capacity for empathy, and make the world a better place.

  2. To wield my business skillz not only in service of my primary mission, but to support people whose knowledge can contribute to a healthier planet and society.

  3. To keep the magic alive. The first two missions require intense amounts of vulnerability, creativity, and persistence, which is hard to keep up when you struggle with mental health.

I’m the gremlin with the glasses.

I’m the gremlin with the glasses.

Other things I'm creating:

  • a collection of lyric essays exploring the ultimate microcosm of society, the nuclear family

  • a collection of art pieces that will form three collections

    • Visual Representations of Nonviolent Communication

    • Inverted van Gogh: Treading Through Childhood Trauma

    • DJ Labia: Expressions within/out the Gender Spectrum

  • Triptych, a social co-op that’s equal parts board game café + artist venue + coworking space

  • online courses and their respective brands

    • The Big Shift Initiative: dysfunction reduction in family and social systems

    • Niteskool: necessary education for all humans

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