Make your dreams come true.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to break free from the system or a dreamer who suspects there’s a better way to survive, I’m here to help you envision, plan, and execute in the real world of possibility.

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The Work

Sure, I can design your logo, write snappy copy, build your website, and manage your social media. But if you’re going to take the leap, you’re going to need more than assets. I guide humans through the productization process and introduce the tools and strategies that make dreams sustainable.

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Who Is the Visionfairy?

I’m a bona fide Renaissance woman with an MBA. I’ve spent the last six years jumping through hoops and reading all the things on the internet so that you don’t have to. I’m also a queer, Latina Millennial who doesn’t have time (including yours) to waste.

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Glittery Insights

Stay tuned for the release of my illustrated e-book, Hey, Listen, Watch Out! The Visionfairy’s Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True. In the meantime, I’ve posted some useful stuff in my thought reservoir.

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The Promise

I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons over the years, and I’m making new commitments to serve you better. Living the dream takes a lot of dreaming.


You’re valuable, and you know something valuable. Together, we can build a digital machine that lets you monetize that value.


"I’m truly grateful my path crossed with Monica's. I feel like she 'gets it' on so many levels. I haven’t had that with anyone I’ve worked with before, and it had been a huge roadblock for me and my business. I'm already thinking, 'What was life like before I met Monica?'"

— JESYKA SIMPSON, founder of the Alchemy institute


"Working with Monica is a highly creative process. She rises to every occasion, meets my vision, and opens it to new possibilities. I need a person like her on my team to take my ideas and run with them."

— DESIRée Muñoz, co-founder of the cicada group


“Monica did outstanding work—completely absorbing the facets of my background and artfully articulating my story in ways in which I would never imagine. She conducted a very thorough and fun interview to extract the details necessary to put her gift and talent to work. The finished product was amazing and exceeded my expectations.”

— Simone Devereueawax

"As a newly formed organization, we needed someone to channel our team’s ideas, opinions, mission, and vision into a clean and accessible brand. Monica did just that. She not only put together a design that represents us, but she thought carefully about how we could achieve our goals and introduced us to innovative tools. She did all of this on an incredibly tight budget and timeline. It was great to work with such an energetic and passionate person!"

— CHRISTINA GORDON, co-founder of the society of gender professionals


"As the founder of a startup, the multitude of ideas that run through my head makes it difficult for me to craft a coherent marketing message. Monica has an impressive ability to cut through the clutter, find the essence, and craft it into a clear, creative, and impactful story. Her writing talent was instrumental in fashioning my new company’s brand and I won’t hesitate to call on her for future projects."

— RUSS MARTIn, founder of solo founders unite


"Monica created a foolproof tool to streamline our content strategy and social media management. She made it super easy to dive in and get to work. She knows her stuff!"

— alyssa baker of q4 consulting